The efforts of the bolt tightening in the performance of flange joints

Pressure PN, Bar Flange / pipe diameter, mm Efforts Nm
6/10/16 100/110 40
6/10/16 125/140 40
6/10/16 150/160 80
6/10/16 200/200 (225) 80
6/10/16 250/250 120
6/10/16 300/315 120

Flanged joints of PVC pipe

Repair Coupling

Repair sleeve is used to repair the connection and pressure and nonpressure PVC pipes.

Installation of the coupling (Fig. 5, 6):
– Cut the repair and repair pipe so that the distance between them was less than 50 mm;
– Fasten the coupling to the docking tube ends so that the center of coupling was at the junction of pipes, note the position of coupling on the pipes ;
– Lubricate the ends of the tubes and rubber rings in repair coupling;
– Push the coupling fully in one of the pipes; 
– To combine and move the pipe coupling on the other tube on the marks.

Installation at saved bell
Fig. 5 Installation at saved bell
Repair by insertion
Fig. 6 Repair by insertion

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