Cast iron flanges with rubber gasket are used for flange PVC pipes.

Pipe is cut at the place of the flange. The cut should be smooth with no burrs. Chamfer shouldn't be done. First, iron free flange is worn on the pipe Then a rubber gasket is put on. It must prong from the cut of pipe on 10 mm.

Installation of PVC pipe

Bells of PVC pipes and fittings are equipped in the factory with fixed rubber rings that greatly simplifies installation of the system and makes it possible to achieve more reliable connections.

Methods of connection and installation of PVC pipes

The bottom of the trench should be aligned and released from rocks and boulders should not have frozen sections. It may be necessary to strengthen the bottom of the trench in very loose soils. In inclined to shift ground, and in case of danger of soil leaching trench 

Polyethylene pipes for pressure water

Polyethylene pipes for pressure water intended for the construction and reconstruction of water mains outside the housing and industrial use. Also pipes made of polyethylene can transport other liquid and gaseous media, to which polyethylene shows chemical resistance.

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